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TOTAL is the world’s fifth-largest international oil and gas company and a world-class chemical manufacturer which employs more than 110,000 people in over 130 countries worldwide. See : www.total.com

• Review site report, highlight and investigate shutdown causes and problems;
• Follow-up the preventive and major maintenance plan of site;
• Assist site personnel in trouble-shooting and solving site recurrent or complex issues;
• Anticipate site instrumentation and control system problems such as obsolescence, saturation and bottleneck;
• Define and submit efficient and cost effective remedial plan to the problems;
• Develop the scope of work and service terms and conditions for service and material contracts;
• Develop the scope of work and service terms and conditions for service and material contracts for heavy maintenance works
• Ensure the compliance of the Contractor works with TI Safety Regulations and Company rules;
• Ensure and check that contractor’s work is implemented safely for people and environment;
• Manage and plan the works under his responsibility and co-ordinate with site to validate the schedule;
• Conduct kick-off meeting on site, present the works to be performed, analyse and alert site personnel on relevant risk or downgraded situation, assist site to the definition of the corresponding precaution to be taken;
• Assist engineering for all instrumentation matters, keep contact and awareness of their activity to help to the harmonization of the instrumentation and to ensure a smooth integration of the work with site;
• Review and ensure the compliance of instrumentation works with the Company specifications;
• Assistance in coordinating site and project works during new project integration into existing facilities;
• Contribute to his and TI instrumentation personnel awareness of latest instrumentation and control system technical progress;

Bachelor Degree in Physic Engineering/ Instrument/ Control System/ Electrical Engineering.

You can visit our website at www.careers.total.com

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