Sabtu, 21 Juni 2008

Estimator (Re - Alert)

PT Profab Indonesia, We are a Foreign Company with 700+ people in the manufacture of pressure vessels, modules, decks and sub sea equipment for the Oil and Gas industry in our Batam workshop.

- An experienced estimator with a strong background in the manufacture of equipment for the oil and gas industry is required.
- Applicants must be able to demonstrate a capability in estimating of pressure vessels, process modules, piping and structural steel.
- A good knowledge of materials and welding will be important.
- Candidates should also possess an engineering degree.

THE SELECTION WILL BE DONE IN BATAM Please submit Application letter to :PT. Profab Indonesia
Jl. Bawal, Kav. V, Batu Merah
Fax to: +62-778-413260

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